Champion Driver – Kevin Sullivan
Champion Team – The Cool Pool

In 2006, The League Race of Champions began its first season. Lucky Dog Racing faced off against another picks league, The Cool Pool. Listed below are the participating drivers, standings and results from the four races.


Lucky Dog Racing
Dan Kowalski
2005 Cup Champion*
Ryan Smith
2005 Cup Runner-Up Champ*
Larry Scroggins
2005 Power Gauge Champion
Shawn Jackson
2004 Cup Champion
Mark Walraven
2005 Busch Champion*
Lou Demian
League Owner
The Cool Pool
Kevin Sullivan
2005 Cup Champion
Robert Lambert
2005 Cup Segment 1 Champ
Stephen Miller
2005 Cup Segment 2 Champ
Melissa Lambert
2005 Cup Segment 3 Champ
Nathan Helton
2005 Truck Champion*
Greg Miller
League Owner




Race 1 Results

Race 2 Results

Race 3 Results

Race 4 Results
The Cool Pool Points: 1695

Lucky Dog Racing Points: 1520