(Entry Deadlines)
Qualify: Darlington
Sep 2 1:45 pm EST
Cup/BTS: Darlington
Sep 4 7:00 pm EST
Xfinity: Darlington
Sep 3 3:46 pm EST
Trucks: Canadian Tire Motorsport
Sep 4 2:46 pm EST
All entry deadlines will be based on the listed time as shown on Please make note and have your entry in on time.

Welcome to the 2016 Season of P10 Select Fantasy Racing.

(last rev date: 8/28/16 11:01 pm CST)

Cup, Xfinity and Trucks Entry List Now Posted for Darlington!!

* Point system for Cup, Xfinity and Trucks series will be adjusted to the new format NASCAR announced for 2016

Rodger Pitts finishes 2nd, P10 Select LROC team finishes in third at Michigan!

Trucks Series Racing at Michigan!

Teeder races to his second career victory in the P10 Careers for Vetrans 200 in Michigan.

Xfinity Road America Produces New Career Wins Leader

Duff Drinker earns the win in the P10 Xfinity series at Road America to take over the most career wins in the series.

Kyle Larson Gets the Win in Michigan

Batfan1960 takes top honors in Michigan.

BTS Races at Michigan

LYZARD & Okiewoman finish on top with identical 36 scores for the win in Michigan.

P10 Qualify at Bristol.

AATeam qualified first with 137 points his second victory of the season and career victory #7 in P10 Qualify.

Evarts Motorsports Gets Win in Week 23 Elite.

Evarts Motorsports earns his second career victory in the Elite series race at Bristol.


Ever had a question or comment about P10 Select? I have setup a chat room that I will keep watch on most every day during the week when I can if anyone would like to visit. You will have to create a username and login then your in. I would be happy to hear what you have to say or answer any questions you might have to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!! P10 Chat